I haven’t thought of a title but check it out anyway!

Hello people that live in my computer! You will be forced to integrate with people who live in my phone from now on, as a mix between the two is how I am now able to blog. That said, I hope you’re all very AWESOME and warmer than I am at the moment. IT’S FREEZING in the office!!!

So, it’s been raining a lot here the past three days, so I haven’t been able to do any real field work and as such have just about finished my admin work. As consequence I am now bored.

“Write some more on your thesis”

Yeah…no…I submitted the first complete draft of one chapter and it was met with “I like how it’s developed, but still needs lots of work” so I am a little bit de-motivated. I turned my sights to the Twitterverse for blog ideas and inspiration, but the tweeps are slacking! Pull finger tweeps!!! So next I googled: ‘stuff to blog about’

The results were somewhat disappointing as none of them really captured my attention or interest, cause they’re just not what I’m about, but I had a look at them nonetheless:

100 Blog Topics I Hope YOU Write, by Chris Brogan. He starts by saying he has the opposite problem, having too much to blog about as opposed to my not knowing what to blog about. You’re lucky dude. So he give us some suggestions: 1. How I use facebook: I go on, check birthdays, do the social graces, check some pages I like and log off. I add the occasional content like photos or status updates, but not so much as when I started FB. I will admit, it is amusing seeing how ignorant some people are on FB and can sometimes reveal way too much about themselves. This is something I’m weary of. I’m on the Twitter, FB, Instagram and here, but there are limits to what I show and tell. Like, I spoke to a friend about something new I experienced recently and my perspective on the issue, and was encouraged to blog about it. But it’s something a little too close to home and I’m not informed enough to be expressing such opinions to anyone. Ok so there’s that. Thanks Chris, I have a full paragraph! *fist bump*

Anyway, number 2 on his list: Ways I embrace my audience: well guys, I blog and share on twitter. That’s about it, and I encourage interaction, though that’s a bit on the low side, which I get cause what I have to say doesn’t always apply to everyone all the time, or even intrigues everyone. Some people may not even like what I have to say, and that’s fine too. Would be cool if I could somehow get more interaction though, any tips or ideas guys?

  1. Should my town use social media: Well, I just moved to Prince Albert like 2 months ago, so I’m not sure what the stance is on social media? I think I’ll skip this one…
  2. A community I love: …uhm, too vague? The people where I’m from in Kimberley are not necessarily my favourite bunch. I love my family and friends there, but the rest not so much. And the community is full of nonsense. In Bloemfontein where I went to varsity, again, same thing about friends, but the community was much more yuppy-ish and mainstream and all “Oh look at me, I’m such a nice, well-rounded person” and that’s great except that a lot of it comes across as fake. Then I’ve spent some time between Johannesburg and Pretoria, but the two differ tremendously and in Joburg alone the areas really do differ quite a lot. But I’ve not had the full experience. Then, Prince Albert where I’m at now really has the best community I guess. Everyone’s helping someone, and friendly, and clean and conscious of the rest of the community. It’s really cool. Even to strangers.
  3. Technology that empowers me: Hmmm…empowers me how Chris? Well, my computer and phone provide me with all my work, relaxation and communication needs. That’s it I guess?
  4. How Flickr did it right: Flickr flicked a booger? I don’t know Flickr, so not applicable.
  5. How best to comment on a corporate blog: for me…don’t. I’m not a corporate-y business-y person. I’d just look like an idiot. But I have corporate-y business-y friends, and in conversation unless you can talk about other stuff than work cause you’ve reached that awkward silence, just ask questions and try to understand what they’re saying. If you can’t at least smile and wave and pretend. Mkay.
  1. Ways to save a bad time at a conference: Uhm…’save a bad time?’ I’m guessing that’s when you’re just wandering haplessly around not talking to anyone? Like killing time in between presentations or something? I have a book or article on me, or else check my e-mails or play on internet…I don’t know? Anyone care to shed some light on this?
  2. How I find blogging ideas: Point in case…
  3. Somebody has to say it: WHOA…this is a loaded one. There are so many things I can think of that, you can’t believe someone says, does, wears, or just is a certain way and nobody ever says anything or brings their attention to it for fear of hurting their feelings or confrontation or whatever. This is a really hot one Chris. Hmmm…

But then there are things that might just simply be your opinion that you can’t believe people do/say/are. It’s crucial to distinguish between this kind of stuff that should be universal and what’s your own opinion before ever even considering SAYING IT.

So, let’s see if point number 2, embracing my audience (if I have any) can help on this. Send me some issues you’ve encountered that someone just has to say it…like when you’re girlfriend asks how she looks in this outfit and you’re like ‘Come on, anyone can see that looks horrible’ but you can’t say that, and hope one of her girl friends’ can set her on a better path…tell me of things like that you’ve seen or experienced? You can comment here or send me a message on my twitter (boeta007) or e-mail me at: thefluffychopper@gmail.com

I was thinking of stopping here, at number 10 cause I don’t want to drag this out for too long. You have a life too I guess, and I’m probably wasting some time for you…but I’m not. I’m having fun, and I’m bored and cold. So I’m gonna now visit the loo, I suggest you do the same. Grab a cuppa bad office coffee, come back and go on to 15 or 20. Ok so go do your walkabout quick and come back…

What took you so long? *stern face*

Anyway. Chris says number 11 should be: My children will do it differently. Hmmm…well, I can’t say what my children would do, since I don’t have any and can’t imagine what their personalities will be like when I do. But what I will do differently as a parent, though I love my parents and wouldn’t change a thing about how I was raised, the one thing I might do differently, again depending on what my kids are like, is maybe to be more interested and involved in things they like and not have them give up on stuff to easily. I guess if you actually already have kids this can be something to write books about.

  1. How schools could use social media. I guess that depends on how the students of the particular school are using it? I’ve seen lots of schools with twitter and FB accounts, but if no one follows it, kids or parents, what’s the point? And when they have an active following, I’ve seen some schools that just don’t spend enough time utilizing it, so it fails, and once again what’s the point. I guess the advantage is better communication if schools used social media, but with so many variables and other communication means, it shouldn’t be too big of a deal. Unless of course it’s for marketing purpouses, in which case I bow out of this topic, since I’m no marketing specialist.

Gosh this coffee is horrible.

  1. The best parts of marketing…funny Chris…skip.
  2. Presentation skills for a new conversation: uhm…that sounds a little odd. But I’ll roll with it. I’ve never thought of using presentation skills in conversation, though it makes sense I guess? It’s the same thing basically. Look at your audience in a way that doesn’t say I’m looking at you all in your underwear cause I’m nervous, or a creepy stalker perve. Look at who you’re talking to. Talk clearly with the appropriate tone. So if you’re talking to me for example, when I meet someone new I generally tell them I’m HOH, so I appreciate it if people look at me while they’re talking so I can see their face and lips, I can’t read lips but it helps me hear better. And even if you look me in the face and speak softly, it kinda defeats the whole point. Speak clearly and loud enough. So know you’re audience or conversation partner. Own what you want to say. Too many “uhms” and pauses and stuff makes your nervousness obvious and makes you seem less intelligent. Rather listen to the other person a little longer and collect your sentence clearly before you articulate. And here’s where the kind of presentations I do differs from general conversation. While I present, I have the floor. I talk and talk and talk as if I love the sound of my own voice. At the end there’s time for questions. In a conversation however, it’s just as important to listen as it is to talk. Know when enough is enough.
  3. How I find time to make media: uhm…whenever I can and feel like it. Opportunistically I guess. As I said, I’m not a corporate or marketing guy. I don’t use this as part of my job or any aspect of my career whatsoever. I just enjoy it. So I prioritise and hope to find some time.
  4. Empower your best customers: Chris…we had a good thing going here, you’re losing me…
  5. After the event- carrying the conversation forward: Well, if we have conferences or meetings and stuff, there’s usually an exchange of e-mails, or at least a list of people present with their contact details, so I’ll send an e-mail: Hey Joe, heard your talk at the BLA BLA BLA WHATEVER and would like to talk to you about…perhaps a little too informal for proper business talk, but I’m a scientist.
  6. Just jump into podcasting – here’s how: Really Chris?
  7. My community and how you can engage it: well, again, comment here or twitter me at boeta007 or e-mail at: thefluffychopper@gmail.com

And I chucked Chris’s page. I’m over it now. I’ve written a butt load and I’m happy. I didn’t get into any of the other google results yet, but I’m happy and might do something like this again next time if I can’t come up with something. If you liked these 19 suggestions from Chris…I forget his surname let me check…Chris Brogan,and the look interesting to you, go check out the link: http://chrisbrogan.com/100-blog-topics-i-hope-you-write/

Or just google ‘what to blog about’ like I did. Thanks Chris, if you ever read this, for the topics. I enjoyed it. So yes people in my computer and phone, I bid you farewell. Carry on being AWESOME beings and try and make an effort to share this? Please? LATER!!!! 8D



“You like running, right?”


“So why don’t you just run the whole day, everyday, non-stop?”

“Well…I have to work.”

“Besides that…”

“Well, I’ll get tired, and cramps. And too much of it I’ll get joint pains and stuff. But it would be nice if it were possible.”

So, that’s my intro guys. I’m sitting in the office. There’s no coffee but it’s nearly lunch so I can go home and get some coffee.

Anyway. I consider myself a glass half full, ‘the-sun-will-come-up-tomorrow’ kinda guy. I like to make the best of things, cause nothing’s gonna change the facts if you’re unhappy about something unless you are able to do it yourself. So why not just make the best of it? And if it doesn’t work out the first few hundred times you do something…try again tomorrow! Unless of course you really can’t do it…like me eating an orange. They look so good, they smell so good. Orange juice is AWESOME. But for the life of me eating an orange makes me sick. So yeah, glass half full, sun-will-come-up-tomorrow as long as it’s not an orange.

But here’s the thing…sometimes I just feel like f*ck it…you know? It’s actually tiring being hopeful and optimistic, but you know what, so is being negative and hopeless. Sometimes I just don’t wanna care. Or just have to have the occasional leave-me-alone pity party. Or maybe I just need to take a step back and get some perspective again. I withdraw and ‘find’ or ‘centre’ myself as the self help gurus call it.

So when you think of the running metaphor…you don’t get tired or cramps or whatever, and completely stop running altogether. You lay low and have a rest. It doesn’t mean you stop liking running, but you just can’t right now.

So yeah. That’s my 2 cents worth for the day…now go be AWESOME and run like hell 😉

As usual, share, retweet, like and comment if you like.


I got it up the same day! *taps self on shoulder*

GOOOOOOOOD MOOOOORNING Y’ALL!!!!! It’s a rather chilly Monday morning here. I hope to post this by Tuesday (tomorrow) or rather soon at least. So I don’t have work internet. And it seems I might not be getting any time soon, getting my own internet up and running here also proves difficult, but I’m trying! So for the time being I rely on free coffee shop wifi…and the coffee shop I prefer, the Lazy Lizard, has this really cool atmosphere about it, so I don’t exactly mind spending time here on the internet.lazylizard

So that, and the HUGE load of work are my reasons for taking so very long to post something again. I trust you all forgive me *five people maybe, yawn and scroll on to next blog*. Yeah…uhm…well for the few of you still reading, HOORAY and thanks!!!! I’ll try and post more, I promise.

Back to the post anyway. So I’ve kinda entered the environmental professional world, and all I can say is…WOW. Though the town I’m based in is rather small, it has its pros too, just like any place would have pros and cons, but the work…

Some of you who follow my twitter by now I’m sure know how much I love my job! It’s absolutely EPIC! So far I’ve been doing research/starting my own projects/teaching/assisting etc. all centred around global climate change, river health, vegetation surveys, burrowing animal-vegetation studies, weed growth forms, education programs, alien eradication and control, erosion, heuweltjies (a rather cool, controversial issue in many circles), and so much more cool stuff! I love it!!! I’m also about to hopefully finish the first complete draft of what I consider to be the worst-to-write chapter of my thesis this week….fingers crossed, touch wood and all that jazz.

It’s so cold, I would die for a coffee right about now, but they only have powdered milk at work, which tastes horrible and I generally don’t like, AND…we don’t have a proper loo…my office being in a small nursery, which kinda only serves as a cover up for the real environmental consultancy business, only has some fancy porta-potty right in the middle of the nursery…call me a pissy, but no. My water + coffee will = a very full bladder (“ ‘n hasie in my blasie” as we used to say in first grade). And I can’t stand the porta-potty.

Another thing I can report on is the weather. This isn’t small talk, I’m serious. This weather is really weird. I’m used to having the okay to warm days, followed by freezing nights in Autumn, but here, depending on wind and cloud cover the day rotates between cold and warm like it’s no one’s business. But the worst is at night. You get in bed, shaking from cold wearing everything you own only to wake up in the middle of the night, dying of heat, only to struggle falling asleep again and when you do it’s cold again *sigh*

In other news, I can’t remember whether it was last night or this morning, but it crossed my mind that there are SO many quotes/ideas/stuff saying live for today, forget the past, plan for the future etc. etc. and it struck me, none of these are right, but none are wrong either. I mean, how have we become what we are today, and based on what do we act? It’s our past. It’s important to remember experiences, feelings, situations and all that stuff, so we can make better decisions today. Sure we don’t wanna remember all the bad stuff, unless of course it has taught us something. But if it was simply a bad experience/feelings or whatever that taught you nothing and you’re sure will not mean anything for you. By all means, pack it away. But don’t forget about it. It’s part of who and why you are you.

As for the present, and living for today. Well, it is what it is, isn’t it? You kinda have to live today and experience it and all, but relish it. Good and bad. That’s what living for today means. Embracing the day, making the best of a bad day, enjoying the good, and taking the bad and the good together on some days. Enjoy it, cause yeah, it really will never come again. Now the future. Don’t live your life dreaming about tomorrow. As I just said, live and relish today, because what I also forgot to say about the present, you never know when it will end…

Dear Lord I hope you’re keeping up? This is how my mind works and I’m just typing it as I think it…so bear with me. My bosses/mentors are both sitting at the bench in front of me while I type this…”wie’s bang” (who’s scared)?!?! Hahaha. Anyway, back to business. The future, yeah don’t live for it, but hope for it. Don’t not plan anything because you’re living for today and tomorrow may never come and all that. Plan for the future. Sometimes those hopes are the very things that get us through a bad today. But don’t live there…my mind just stopped.

But I think what it comes down to is I’m trying to say that you need to live, embracing every aspect of you, past, present and future…but live! Sure life gets tiresome and messy sometimes, and that’s okay. But LIVE!!!…yeah, that’s it I guess?

Three colorful arrow signs reading Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow representing the past, present and future destiny coming up for you, pointing in different directions

I just got word that I need to get more quotes for a purchase of mine…don’t know how, don’t think there are more suppliers in town, so yeah, yellow pages (telephone book), here I come. So I guess I’ll have that bad, powdered milk coffee, as I can maybe stop by my flat while in town for quotes and stop by my own porcelain express (that’s the loo in case you were wondering). Yes I’m weird and so are you to someone I’m sure.

So yeah. As usual, I hope you continue being an AWESOME being…hehehe…and also as always I would love to hear from you in the comments, or on my twitter (boeta007). If you’re a first time reader WELCOME!!! Go and have a read at some of my past stuff, and if you like it please go ahead and share it…spread the love and make the circle bigger!!!! And that goes for all you who’ve been reading me for a while….so yeah! Go be AWESOME!!!! Live from your past, for today and hope for tomorrow!!!!



P.S. It’s the same Monday! I wrote it this morning! Super chuffed I remembered to post it while I’m here at the Lazy Lizard, working…not like the last one I completely forgot and will now be lost in my hard drive somewhere forever…that is all 8D

A matter of opinion.

I’ve been having trouble thinking of what to write for the blog, having some short pieces I wrote, but nothing worth posting really. So I googled and asked around, but nothing. Then, today as I was dropping my brother off at his gym (we go to different gyms, cause my brother and I are like polar opposites and stuff, but that’s a whole other story) and I’d already gone this morning anyway, just after lunch, dropping my brother off at gym something hit me…it wasn’t another car or bakkie or bike or anything, not even the sky I’m still expecting to fall…it was an IDEA!!!!

Back to the point, I don’t know how many of you have seen the ads they have for the Miss SA contestants? They’re pretty to look at and all, but personally I feel that the constitution of Miss SA is very serious, as the winner is able to influence significant change. As do most celebrities. But what I gather from these ads is that some of them are trying to come off as very nice and sweet and clever and selfless, and fail miserably…btw this is not my point yet, I’m just using it as an example cause this was when it hit me…where was I?

Hang on, let me grab a cup of coffee, as I’ve only had one today…


So as I was saying, they try and seem all these good things, but I find most of these ads seem very rehearsed and superficial, and in an attempt to not seem completely vapid, they unknowingly show exactly how dumb some of them really are. Now here’s where my point comes in…OPINIONS.

What you just read was MY OPINION on this year’s Miss SA contestants. And that’s exactly what it is, MY OPINION. I’m sure all of you who’ve seen it have your own opinions; “they’re real role models” “they’re so fake” “it’s sexist” “its racist”…and you know what? That’s fine. Have an opinion! You have a brain and the right to make your own choices, so practice it! Now for my next point.

Sorry…my Mum just texted me – she slipped and face planted in the mall!!!! Hahaha! I know it’s not nice to laugh, but it’s SO funny, that’s why I’m laughing before she gets here and then I’ll comfort her…I’m only human hey ;P

Anyway. My next point. You have opinions, right? Now normally I would never have brought up my opinion on Miss SA unless asked directly about it. But it’s a good example for what I’m trying to say…as people we mostly associate with like-minded people, so I expect most of my family and friends to share my opinion, the trick is, what happens when they don’t? I listen. They listened to me express my opinion, so I grant them the same courtesy. It’s just, like manners right? And then it’s over. They have a different opinion. It’s NOT THE END OF EXISTENCE AS WE KNOW IT! Leave it at that. Even about stuff you’re passionate about, don’t force your opinions on people. When you discuss it, where one talks and one listens as civilized people do…stop laughing, I AM civilized…and also, not everyone is open to discussion about all things, so pick your battles. As I was saying, when you’re discussing it, if their willing, give them your reasons for that opinion, and listen to theirs and then both go about your ways with that info making your own decisions and opinions, mkay?

So in summary 1. Don’t go about broadcasting your opinions, ESPECIALLY to audiences you don’t know, or an audience you know for a fact will be offended or fight with you. 2. Don’t force your opinion down someone’s throat; if they are willing to listen tell them why you feel that way, and 3. LISTEN to their reasons. Easy right? And that, boys, girls and porcupines is one AWESOME way to avoid conflict, and to be considered a reasonable person. Please note however, this is MY opinion regarding every day, casual, political, religion etc. opinions of myself and others, and though it applies to most situations, does not apply to all. But it’s a good foundation to work off of.

One more thing I feel like mentioning…someone recently kinda “confronted” me about my obsessive use of the word ‘AWESOME’. “Confronted” seems too harsh though, let’s rather say “brought it to my attention”.


So here’s the deal. When I say “you’re AWESOME” it’s my way of saying though I don’t know you at all/well, I know we all have something good, even great in us, and I encourage you to be/live more like that, cause I love you…WHOOOOAAAA…yeah, I just said I love you. It’s a thing with how I was raised and my faith about loving everyone, so just deal with it okay? I remember hearing something somewhere about you not having to like someone to love them, so even if I don’t know you well enough to have an opinion on whether I like you or not, I can still love you. So when I say “you’re AWESOME” it means I love the good in you, and encourage you to be more of that…enough of the soppy now. I’m planning a horror movie night with friends this weekend and a braai. I’m also planning on doing a lot of thesis writing tomorrow and becoming president someday. But life is unpredictable so we’ll see what happens, right?

On that note…KEEP AWESOME!!!

There’s a confession in here somewhere, not a big one though so no false advertising here ;)

Hello you awesome person whoever you are! So I finally have internet connection again, watching some youtube and doing research while I’m writing up this post – YES! I can multitask! 😀

I trust you’re all well and good? If not change it, you’re not a tree, you can do things that change things and so on and so on.


So I’m supposed to write a paragraph progress report on something I didn’t do myself, and was done like months ago…I can’t remember most of what not, so that’s among the things I’m researching quick.

I’m a little annoyed cause I couldn’t get to gym this morning – had to wait for a guy to come fix my internet (which is why I can post this, yay!) and had to sort some other stuff out. I recently went swimming with a friend of mine who just did his first midmar, and I’m happy to say I like it. It’s a real good workout and fun, so that combined with regular training should be an overall good plan I think? I really hope Prince Albert, where I’m moving to, has a pool or something?



Go make yourself a cup of coffee, cause I’m about to…

So I had a “revelation” of sorts. My Dad is like really into cars, you need to know something about the bracket of a nozzle of a wire and a trip switch of just about any car he’s your guy. He’s a speed freak! I never got that. I know how to drive, I know how to change a tyre and where the battery is. That’s about it. I’ve never been really into speed, though I do enjoy it when my Dad goes all out in his souped up Ford Focus ST. BUT…I’ve noticed recently that I do sometimes speed responsibly (that’s such an impossible statement I guess, but just go with it).

Every now and then I find myself exceeding the speed limit and doing some stuff I learnt from a course I did at Kayalami many moons ago. Today for instance, I had to pick my brother up somewhere and on the way there, well…the road was open, no traffic, and I let go a little.

So that’s a little confession from my side, I sometimes speed…responsibly…I’m sure most of us do, right?


In other news…

I once came across a site with AMAZING wallpapers and backgrounds for making my boring scientific presentations a little more digestible, BUT it seems that the site is gone?! I did a quick google and would you know it? Ghosts, conspiracy theories and a missing persons??? Check out the link to find out what happened to my favourite wallpaper site, Wallbase and find its replacement, Wallhaven http://alpha.wallhaven.cc/about

Here’s a wallpaper I got there that I like, just to give you an example? But there’s loads of other stuff to

The new site seems pretty legit on quick inspection.

So I was wondering whether any of you know anything about Prince Albert (NOT THE PIERCING!!! – I didn’t even know it had a name!!!!) – so ja, the place in the Western Cape. Internet gives me some info that I like, but its SO LITTLE?

Uhm…I got some new plants?…that’s about all I have to say right now. I’m sorry this is a boring post, I just wanted to get one out there so you wouldn’t think I’d died or something – which I guess you’d know if you’re here from twitter? I’m just wasting time now actually, so I’ll stop.

So these are the new plants I got, if you’re interested? On the left is a string of pearls aka Senecio rowleyanus, and on the right is and African milk tree, aka Euphorbia trigona. 🙂

Go be AWESOME and feel free to send me some links to other awesome stuff in the comments or on twitter? Better yet, tell me some your own AWESOME stories since I seem to be running low on mine at the moment 😛



Hello there person reading this! I trust you’re having a really AWESOME day/evening/night! If not, I’m sure it’ll turn around soon! So I started a proper blog post last night, but stuff happened that made me not wanna do that one right now anymore. BUT since it’s been so long since I posted anything I got desperate and looked to the interwebs for something, and the best I came up with was a 50 random facts about me thing so whoever’s reading this actually can get to know me a little. That and I’m at like ninja level procrastination – I have to write up my thesis but SO not in the mood. So here goes nothing! 8D


That’s a really hard one hey, cliché for guys I know but I really honestly don’t cry…last time I can actually remember crying was just after I was in a major car accident in 2007 maybe?

It varies a lot, some I like some I don’t. But generally no.

Meat…LOL, I don’t have a particular preference? Roast beef’s good though, and silverside.


I’ve actually thought about this a lot before, and I honestly don’t know.

If I’m comfortable with someone then yeah.

Nope. Taken out when I was 6.

I have! 8D But only a 75m fall, would’ve loved to jump Bloukrans, but cause of head injuries I can’t.

Hmmm…Milo, Fruit Loops, Frosties, and that Choc Bitz granola with chocolate pieces in…nom nom nom

Mostly no, but like dress shoes I do.

Physically or as a person? Well, physically I’d have to say no. I’m not some poor pathetic weakling, but I’m no Hulk. As a person I like to think so.

I LOVE ice cream in general! But if I had to choose vanilla, choc mint, or like a lemon sorbet…that’s ice cream to right?

It’s different for different people really. Some people have different features that strike you first. But if I had to narrow it down it would have to be how they talk to and interact with different people?

LOL, red

I compare myself to just about everyone I meet.

At the moment, I’m good actually. Perhaps my friends I left behind in Bloem and who’ve moved to CT.

Hmmm…lots of people have given me great advice at different times in my life, but one of the best quotes in my opinion reads: “When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.” – Jimi Hendrix – (note that there are many great quotes in my opinion, this just happens to be the first one that comes to mind).

I’m not wearing shoes! Just the way I like it! 8D
Oats, granola and vanilla yogurt.

Uhm…A song called Criminal by the band Ash Koley.

Gray…it’s my favourite colour, and no not 50 shades! XP

Rain, coffee brewing, cookies baking, new car smell, clean babies, mint, the ocean.

My aunt

I’m torn…let’s say mountains for Winter and beach for Summer?

I’m not really that sporty, but I watch rugby, cricket and F1 with my Dad, then the occasional tennis. I follow some gymnastics though. That’s about it really?



I tried them once but couldn’t wear the normal ones, had to wear some hard plastic type which were really horrible so I quit them. Call me four eyes 😉

Pizza, pasta, and just about anything my Mum makes.

Both! Depends on my mood. But a scary movie with a happy ending would be really interesting don’t you think?

Uhm…at cinema I think was the last Hobbit movie? Watched the 1940’s Fantasia this morning.



Winter! Winter everyday! The White Witch from Narnia know’s whats going on!

Depends from who really, if you’re not family, a really close female friend or my girlfriend then maybe just hugs. Otherwise bring on the kisses.

Peppermint crisp tart

I do both.

Haha, computer. TV limits you to scheduled watching, ain’t nobody got time for dat!

John Connoly’s Nocturnes – compilation of short stories.

I don’t have one.

Nah, got a henna one once. I liked it for half an hour and then it was just annoying. Wouldn’t survive a real one then.

That’s a weird question? Besides music then? Uhm…oh I know, the church bells from the church opposite my house when growing up!

Both are okay hey

I think it would have to be KZN?

I really haven’t quite figured that out yet.

Born and raised in the Diamond City, Kimberley.

Just moved back to Kimberley, but likely moving to Prince Albert in the Western Cape soon.

I don’t know what colour this is? The picture doesn’t really show it properly? It looks like some gray/purple hybrid? I’m gonna go with eggplant?


Metallic green 2006 Hyundai Tucson


Two cats, Little Gray and Igor (his name used to be Rascals, but we changed it when we adopted him). I’m not necessarily a cat person, I love dogs to. I just happen to have cats.

So there it is y’all! If you have anymore questions please send them my way on here or twitter. I probably need to get to writing now…


Later! 8D

First times and comfort zones

So hello there people in the PC 😉 I hope you’re all well? So me and a friend just got back from a ‘working holiday’ yesterday, and we were discussing something I’d really like to share with you now while I sit and drink my coffee and eat cupcakes…I had a craving okay. It’s raining, but the sun’s shining and I’m listening to a band called ‘This Will Destroy You’, so if you’re wanting to set the mood for reading my writing I think you have the jist of it? ;P So the idea we were discussing is one of firsts. How many new things do you do/experience as you grow older? So my conclusion to this was that you start getting old the day you stop looking for/experiencing any more firsts. We all have some sort of bucket list I’m sure, but it doesn’t have to be THAT big of a thing to be a first. Just last week for instance I bought a new brand of underwear – it was the first time I had worn that particular brand and you know what, it was an interesting experience and they fit rather comfortably, so much that I think I’ll go get me some more. Weirdly enough, I felt like had accomplished something. On the other hand had it not been so pleasant, I would’ve stuck to the old brand and just jotted the experience off as a bad one you know? But it would still count as a first…

But yes, the bigger the first obviously the more spectacular! On this trip of ours I experienced my first hands-on experience officially working in my field, and I am glad to report that it was such an affirmation that I have chosen the BEST working field for myself! I enjoyed every second of it and will always remember my FIRST CAREER BUILDING JOB. Then also while booking into our second guest house, the owners wife gave us tips and pointers and practically chased us to visit a nearby game reserve where she had spotted a pack of wild dogs (Lycaon pictus), or painted dogs as some of you might know them, the week before, as well as some other impressive wildlife specimens. Needless to say the chasing was rather redundant as we were planning on going anyway, but the tips and heads up she gave us paid off when my friend jokingly said to me that since this is my first time in this reserve perhaps beginners luck would…

…he couldn’t finish his sentence when we found ourselves amidst a fresh wild dog kill!!! Some of the dogs were yelping, some eating and chewing and we could hear the crack of bone. The younger ones were fighting over what looked like a massive piece of rump. We sat in the bakkie AMAZED. One of the obviously older and bigger dogs curiously came closer and stared my friend right in the face for probably ten minutes before the pack, with ripped off pieces of meat, started heading on their way. It was my first sighting of wild dogs ever! On our way to the first job, as we were discussing firsts, we had decided that since we’re travelling in sugar cane country, we would somewhere stop, get some sugar cane and both have our first ever taste straight off the cane! Alas, time got the better of us and we didn’t quite get round to it. But that’s just the beauty of it! Firsts don’t have an expiration date or a due date or whatever, and we can now make plans to do it later when we go round there again (February 2015 if all goes according to plan). You can wake up every morning and think of tiny small firsts for yourself. It makes life exciting! I did have a tiny first today somewhere, but I can’t quite remember it just now…while we wait, here’s a picture of a souvenir of my first working trip I brought home with me: It’s a branch off a prickly Acacia (Acacia nilotica – strictly now called Vachellia nilotica but we South African botanists still contest it…we’ll see you in 2017 International Botanical Conference *mean angry face*)…

Picture of Acacia nilotica taken by yourse truly 🙂

I remember now! They were handing out sandwich samples on campus this morning, which isn’t something I would normally accept but a friend convinced me to get one with him and I had beef, lettuce and caramelized onions on some weird bread…if you know me you would know I shy away from most veggies, especially onions and lettuce, but I went ahead and ate it anyway. Not sure exactly how that works as a first, but it was definitely a new experience and somehow that fact makes it count as a first right? So basically what I’m saying is I cannot and should not become trapped or isolated by my routine and comfort zone and I don’t know what else it may be known as in the general public, but that I need new and firsts every once in a while. Sometimes I even find myself actively looking for them, and other times I just don’t feel like it. I think by now I’ve sort of found a balance between the two, and that’s my challenge to anyone reading this: if you find yourself stuck in the same old boring routine greet someone you usually wouldn’t, or take a different route home, try a new sandwich or buy a different brand of underwear! These are all small things that can change your everyday way of thinking, seeing and experiencing life. But I know sometimes you just can’t beat the comfort of the comfort zone and that’s alright too, just don’t get stuck there!

When you’re ready try the bigger things, they could be planned, like my trip, or they just catch you by surprise, like the wild dogs. Fact is you can’t always just sit and wait for the dogs, sometimes you have to plan the trip, which in itself is already a big new and first, and then the others may or may not follow. It’s chance. From another angle it’s the safety of the comfort zone vs the chances you miss because of it! I consider new and firsts as a step outside that comfort zone, perhaps even a process of broadening your comfort zone…I feel like I might just have wasted your time right there, but if you liked it and are able to use this little piece of advice, I’m really happy! If you have any interesting first experiences please share them with me! And if you simply just liked this post, share it with your friends maybe? However you choose to handle what I’ve just put before you, I’m gonna go find me another new first ;P

Keep AWESOME all you AWESOME people! 8D